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Today the preview collab came out, with my preview of my Team Fortress 2 fanimation "Meet The Medic" as the first in line.
I'm looking for helpful suggestions and feedback before I begin to complete my animation. Go and watch it for yourself, and let me know here (or in a review on the collab, I read those too!) what I'm doing well and what could be better!
Thanks NG!

Watch my preview! Give feedback! Eat grape tomatoes!

New Flash! Huzzah!

2009-04-17 19:15:48 by EmDubya

A new flash! Check it out:

Things are actually getting done here at EmDubya HQ. Right now I'm well buried in this 'Meet The Medic' fanimation that I'm making, and as a side project, I'm going to turn a children's book I wrote and illustrated in Flash into an animation, animated by one of our fine Newgrounds voice actors. Still looking for someone who can do a good Munsch-style exaggerated reading of a children's story, if you're interested PM me your email and I'll send you a copy of the script.
And hurry, I want to get this done quick so I don't lose focus on my 'Meet the Team' animation.

Action Barbie!!!!!

2009-01-30 01:57:37 by EmDubya

I made this video for Writer's Craft as a parodical assginment, and it turned out looking pretty sweet. Chiggidy-Check It Out!
Embed Failure. Click Teh Link.

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Well, this is another feeble attampt at getting on the front page as a qualified 'artist that affects someone elses life in some way'. First the actual news, no work has really been done on those ideas I had when I posted the last news post, but more ideas HAVE COME UP. Unfortunately, this only adds to the problem of not being able to get started on anything. My good friend Randomcheese actually added a new flash, currently placing him ahead of me in the hierarchy of people who accomplish things, so as tribute to his awesomeness, view it here.

Now, if you guys actually need something interesting to read in this post, here's an embed of me and my friends' group 'Randomcheese' (yes, it is also my one friend's account name. That is beside the point) pilot episode on Youtube of our happy Youtube series "Loner Friends". You should watch lots of the epsiodes. Some of them suck, but that's ok, I'm in all the other ones :P. The first one seems to has a surprising larger number of views compared to the others, so I thought that the first one would be best to put here. And the embedding is orange. SURPRISE!


2008-06-08 11:47:35 by EmDubya

Well, my first audio submission is now live, so you can go and check that out, it's called Generic Chase Scene Music, a little something I made in Comm. Tech. rather than wasting time playing games. I have Sony Acid Studio 7 now, so I plan to use it to make music for my animations/games, when I figure out where the 3000 loops it supposedly comes with are. I also have a bunch of ideas for animations and even a game, so expect something new to come out when I finally decide to put effort into one of them. Which may be never...

Still waiting..

2008-05-02 15:07:58 by EmDubya

Waiting on the results of Pico Day still. Although I have a lot of doubt that it will be in the top ten, I'm still glad that I actually got a project finished. I worked really hard on it, and actually got it done. It was also on the front page for a while, which was a treat. I'm still unsure how it got there, but it may have been because I PM'ed Tom Fulp that I had submitted it and it had not been added to the Pico Day 2008 Collection. But it's my first front page, so who cares?!
Right now I'm working on a short stickman animation in Communicatinos Tech. class which is 'due' (nothing is ever due in that class) next friday. I will probably not have the whole thing done by then, but with a bit of work it will be on Newgrounds. It is much better than last year's project, which got blammed because it was one of my first submissions and I was unaware of the high standards Newgrounds has. Hopefully this one will do a bit better.
Other than that, I might start getting back to work on the Smoking animation, and I might get an early start on an animatino I'd like to make for Madness Day this year.

Pico Day Submission up!

2008-04-30 17:09:00 by EmDubya

It's Pico Day, and the submission is finally finished and posted! It also made the Front Page (WOOOOOOT)! Don't forget to checkita check check it out!

PICO DAYY!!!!!!!

2008-04-28 19:18:09 by EmDubya

I am almost finished the Pico Day submission. Right after my friend sends me a line I was missing (or right after he doesn't) I can finally finish!

An update for noone really...

2008-02-29 17:26:37 by EmDubya

I'm about halfway done a new animation called "30 Ways to Quit Smoking" based on an old animation I saw. I think I may actually finish this one! I also started a stickman fight movie, but I doubt I will continue that, because I have a couple ideas for the Pico day Competition.