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A great play on film noir, great art, with a few good jokes thrown in. Great!

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That was silly

Short and silly. I like it.

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Thank you.

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Looks like everybody's already had their say on what needs improvement, so here's a strategy that works well:

At the beginning of the game, keep only the outside keg and one keg in the back filled. Other than filling the kegs, only spend your money on upgrading ale quality. This way when Doug appears, he can easily be deterred from taking your ale, albeit fights with Doug will take a minute or two. If the fights with Doug get so long that you do not have time to sell both kegs before the day is out, upgrade your weapon ONCE. Once you have maxed ale quality, start to max weapon quality, while still only keeping the outside keg and one storage keg stocked. Once you have maxed your weapon, go nuts. Buy as many extra kegs as you want. While Doug will take a bit of your ale, the highest level weapon will ensure that fights do not last very long.

This strategy works for the two max upgrade achievements as well as "Endurance Master" and "Massive Score." "Maxed Money" is impossible to get, as even with maxed ale and weapon quality and a store room full of ale I only had enough time to make about $1000 each day.

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There's a lot of good stuff in this game, so I'll just outline what could be improved:
-The voice actor's accent sounds a bit forced
-No pause button
-I didn't see the option to purchase vanity armour until I searched for it after reading about it in the achievements
-The flashes and slow motion sequences can get annoying if there are two or three in a row
-The later levels are way to long. It's very annoying to have to restart a ten minute level because you get bored of dodging the same stuff a hundred times and make a mistake. I could go for more short levels with a steeper difficulty increase.
-The environment could use a bit more variance. Although the different colours in the forest corresponding to the different times of day are cool, they are still a bit repetitive. I would have the levels progress through different settings and change what the obstacles look like. For example, after a forest level, having a village level where instead of jumping small rocks you jump small crates, large carts instead of large rocks, etc.
-The concept of having a finale at the end of each level is good, but the big jumps are not nearly challenging enough, especially in the later levels. Using it on the first level is nice to introduce the 'sprint' command, but other than that I would substitute something harder.

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The Cons

Occasionally it's a little hard to judge where you are relative to stuff that will hurt you. No animation for coming out of k-9 mode. If you are in k-9 mode, you will be unable to shoot holes in the walls, and you also appear to pass through them. More stuff should spawn during k-9 mode so the player does not simply have to sit at the front of the screen and hold down 's'. Using k-9 mode during a mine segment screws up the alignment between mines and the 'tokens'. The wall part of the main game is extremely easy relative to the stuff that comes before it, and i suggest you put some holes in the upper parts of the walls to shake things up. It's much more beneficial to keep a triple blaster than it is to go into k-9 mode and then be demoted to a single blaster afterwards. The file size is waaaaay too big. Replay is good, but I don't want to have to wait 5 minutes every time I want to play.

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...is a very good way to describe this piece.


Very drummy.

Where are your pants?

I must say, the generosity of the bongos in this piece is only rivalled by your excessive use of the word "Klondike". You must be insane!

RandomCheese responds:

I don't think I have have ever said the word "Klondike" in your presence.

Kind of a big deal.

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